This is a blog about British watch brands and watchmakers. I have to admit to not being an expert on watches, I just like them, so please don’t expect any deep technical descriptions of the merits of one movement or another. I have started to see more and more news about British brands and watchmakers and I thought it might be useful to collect it all together as and when I come across something. By the way “Grinidge” is the local pronounciation of Greenwich, London. My home and the home of time. You can also see most of these updates on twitter @grinidgetime

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  1. robert

    Dear Alastair,
    I wonder if you would like to come and pay us a visit one day. We can show you some wonderful toys and some lovely techniques. I don’t believe there is another workshop in the country where quite so much actually goes on under one roof – from dialmaking to machining movement components.

    Don’t believe everything you hear about “it can’t be done” “you need Swiss machines” “we don’t have a skilled workforce” and such nonsense. Come and visit the guys and girls who are doing it already and proud of it.

    With very best wishes, Robert Loomes.

    1. alastair401

      Dear Robert,

      Yes I would love to come and visit you. I have been following your company ever since I started this blog. I actually passed by your stand last year at the Salon QP and had a nice chat with someone who I think might have been your wife. I had put off coming up to see you purely because I wanted to be sure I had the “dedication” to continue updating my blog. I think I’m getting there now ( I hope you like it ?) and once real life quietens down a little I will organise a time that would also work for you.

      Will you be at Salon QP again this year ?

      Best of luck,


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