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Peter Roberts – Mythique

After seeing some intriguing pictures on Twitter I have managed to get hold of a press release from Peter Roberts explaining his latest creation, the Mythique.

Towards the end of the first Peter Roberts Watches project – the “Concentrique” – we were asked if it was possible for us to make and design a unique chronograph, built in a new way with a new artistic look, but encompassing a skeletonized movement.
My initial thought was that there were already enough skeletonized watches around for everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, I continued to think about the idea of a new watch based on this theme which lead me to the concept of ‘The Mythique’.
Firstly – To make a single watch would be prohibitively expensive, therefore I decided to make a small series.
Secondly – Could I get the right movement?
Through my many friends in Switzerland I was steered towards some fantastic artisans in the Vallee de Joux. I now had the possibility of using the technically brilliant Valjoux calibre 23. This movement in conjunction with a team of very skilled Jura craftsmen, working by hand, could be skeletonized, engraved and finished to the highest standard.
For me, the prime requisite on my watch designs is clarity of the dial – this is not usually achieved on a skeletonized watch. Also I wished to convey a sense of mysticism and even mythology to the watch.
I hope that I have achieved these ideals using my “Floating Cloud Concept”.
In the “Mythique” this “Floating Cloud Concept” allows the wearer to enjoy multiple visual experi- ences depending on lighting, angle, direction of view etc. Whilst enjoying these effects, the time and chronograph indications can be clearly read.
Although photographs can give some idea of these effects, the “Mythique” needs to be seen and handled to experience the full three dimensional, holographic video like scenes that are to be ob- served.
Each of the 10 “Mythiques” will be built to order.
I will build up to 5 Stainless Steel cased “Silver Sunrise” watches – in these the movement is White Gold finished and represents a cool regeneration of the day.
I will build up to 5 Stainless Steel cased “Golden Dawn” watches – in these the movement is Rose Gold finished and symbolises the warmth of a new morning.
The Mythique “Silver Sunrise” and “Golden Dawn” will be priced at £20,000 + VAT.

Visit Peter’s website Mythique