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Bremont Bermuda

Mike Pearson of Bremont North America tweeted this intriguing pictures of this “Bermuda limited Edition”.

Bermuda Limited Edition

Bermuda Limited Edition

Intriguing because I cannot find any other mentions of this watch anywhere else.

Nice caseback

Nice caseback

This is one of my favourite Bremont limited editions so far. The subtle wording “Bermuda” on the watch face then the nicely engraved caseback all makes for a descreet “limited edition”

I would be curious to know how many will be made and for who?

Up-date: I have read this is the ladies size AC-32. so even more interesting, a limited edition watch in a women’s size.

Update : Mike Pearson tweeted another picture this time of a companion limited edition men’s watch for Bermuda based on the AC1.


This slightly ruins the thread of my previous post. Having said that this is another handsome looking piece. I am however loosing track of the number of limited editions Bremont are producing.