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Brent Adventurer’s Evening

As I enjoyed the last event so much I popped along for my second Bremont Adventurer’s evening. The adventurer for the evening was Alex Gregory the the Olympic rower.

Alex Gregory Olympic Rower

Alex Gregory Olympic Rower











I cannot claim to have been a keen follower of rowing, so I came with no idea of what to expect. Alex gave a really inspiring talk, such that I found myself taking notes thinking there were many nuggets of wisdom to retell to my children. Then something guaranteed to make sports mad boys really jealous, I got to hold his 2012 Gold medal !

Alex Gregory's 2012 Olympic Gold medal

Alex Gregory’s 2012 Olympic Gold medal.

Having seen seen all the newly announced Bremont models on my previous visit there was less to look out for this time. I did however manage to get a couple of questions to the staff. The key one being, how many of the Bremont cases are actually made the Siverstone facility, well apparently it is 100%.

As before a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank you.