Pinion – Apex London

This month I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Pinion Apex event in London. This is a meeting were watch lovers have a chance to chat with Piers Berry the founder of Pinion watches. I must firstly thank Piers for the invitation and say what an enjoyable event it is,. Unfortunately, due to an early flight the following morning, I could not stay as long I would have like as I have loads of questions to ask.

I was especially intrigued to attend this event as I had seen the tweet about “Pinion One”, potentially exciting news.


On this point no official announcement was made, Piers says we will have to wait until the autumn, but has promised to let me know as soon as possible. Watch this space!

Despite this slight disappointment I get to see the Pinion watches in the metal and try a few of them on.

One of my favourites is from a category of watches that has interested me for sometime, bronze. This is the classic Pinion Axis.


This Axis will soon be appearing in the film “Patient Zero”


Then I tried the star of the Pinion range, the 1969 Revival

thumb_IMG_0871_1024 3

As with all these watches I was worried the 1969 Revival would be too large for my puny wrist, amazingly, as you can see, they all wear pretty well.

Pinion is one of my favourite of the new British watches, this is mainly because the watches speak for themselves. They are well designed reliable watches that do not rely on marketing generated “heritage”. Well done Piers.

for more information go to Pinion Watches