The Bremont Brochure continued…

Well I was not able to copy the bits of this brochure I found most interesting so I thought it would be most useful to attach a link.

The 2015 Bremont Brochure

For those of us interested in British brands and even British manufactured products this brochure has some very interesting comments.

The first of these being:

“Bremont aims to make exquisitely engineered mechanical timepieces on British soil with the lofty objective of reinvigorating the nations horological past …”


“Bremont is excited to be at the heart of a British revival in watch making. Our goal has always been to bring back as much as of the process to the UK as posible…”

Finally, on page 28 we get to read about their new manufacturing facility at Silverstone to produce case and movement parts.

All of this is music to the ears of to those of us who would like to see affordable British made mechanical watches on the market. Good luck Bremont.