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Sekford – Posh Quartz

One category that seems a little overcrowded  is that of classic styled quartz powered watches.

So when a new player pops up that gets people talking about I thought I would try and find out a little more. The brand is Sekford and from what I can see from the photos on their website the watches do look very well made.



Sekford is the brainchild of Kuchar Swara  of Port magazine, a beautiful biannual he co-founded and where he is still creative director. The inspiration for the watch came from the personal experience of trying to find a nice piece of watch design that did not require the same investment as a Patek Philippe or a Vacheron Constantin. Not finding anything, he decided to make a watch of his own.

For a quartz the watches are pricey, this one above costing €795. they can be bought on-line from their online store here.