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Thomas Earnshaw – British brand ?

Browsing though old magazines at the barbers this weekend I stumbled across another “British” brand – Thomas Earnshaw.


Getting home I did a little digging and discovered a website ( http://www.thomas-earnshaw.com/pages/thomas-earnshaw-1749-1829 ) full of British horological history. Was this a secret I had somehow missed?


Born on 4 February at Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire near Manchester, England.

Thomas Earnshaw is revered as a legend and pioneer in the field of Horology. Born in Manchester, England in 1749, he was celebrated for his work in refining, and improving upon the Marine Chronometers of the era. It was those Marine Chronometers, crucial to the journeys taken by the boats in the Royal Navy as they circled the globe during a golden era in English history of science and exploration. None more so than Chronometer no. 506, carried by HMS Beagle which carried Charles Darwin on his journey around the world to inspire his breakthrough study of evolution, “On The Origin of Species”. Lauded for his work with marine chronometers, Earnshaw also embraced the challenge of developing clocks for use in Observatories such as those in Greenwich and Armagh and examples of his exquisite work can be seen in museums and auction houses around the world. It is this pioneering spirit to further the science of horology, coupled with a drive for excellence in craftsmanship that is at the heart of the Earnshaw timepiece which is available for the watch connoisseur and enthusiast alike.

Unfortunately, it is the usual false trail. The brand Earnshaw is owned by Dartmouth Brands Ltd. Dartmouth in turn is owned by a Hong Kong company where they have a manufacturing plant.They “Swiss Made” claim also seems a little mis-leading.

The one positive that can be taken from this company is they are trying to sell a “British heritage” which they clearly believe is something that is marketable.