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Christopher Ward C-9 Limited Edition

Christopher Ward appear to be really embracing the trend of making limited edition of watches by including some “historical material”.  We have seen pieces of Spitfire, pieces of Aston Martin and now pieces of an historical Jaguar.

C-9 D type
C-9 D type
An homage to the Jaguar D-Type that won three Le Mans between 1955 and 1957, a piece from one of the 18 production D-Types has been placed inside. And to mark its most memorable Le Mans victory (in 1955, with Mike Hawthorn driving), it comes in a limited edition of just 55 pieces.
The D-Type has a special place in the hearts of British motorsport fans due both to its design and incredible track record. Our specialist partners, TMB Art Metal, have sourced pieces of the piston from one of the original racing models, which we’ve placed in the watch.

  • Embedded with a piece of piston from one of 18 factory models, sourced by TMB Art Metal.
  • The metal has been laser-cut into the shape of the alloy on the D-Type’s wheel and wheel-spinner, and can be viewed through the exhibition back.

The watch is powered by ETA’s Valgranges A07.161 self-winding movement that’s been specifically built for larger watch cases.

The watch is available for pre-order for mid-October at a cost of £2995

As is also the norm Christopher Ward have put together another cool video

Christopher Ward C8 – Power Reserve

The folks at Christopher Ward have been busy over the summer, which is pretty useful for those of us looking fro something to write about.

This week say the announcement of this watch the C8-Power Reserve,


C-8 Power Reserve
C-8 Power Reserve

And what a handsome watch it is. When I first press shots I was very tempted.

Combining classic aviation design with the Johannes Jahnke movement , this is a timepiece that exceeds at both visual and mechanical levels. Powered by a hand-wound version of the Calibre SH21, the  chronometer movement comes with a redesigned bridge, and can be seen through the watch’s exhibition caseback.
As you will guess from the title of this model the key feature of this watch is the movement’s 5 day power reserve.


The price is interesting to at £ 1550. This issue for me is the case size, 44mm I would have liked to see this at 38/39mm. I am still not convinced all brands have the right “presence” to be so large.

As usual Christopher Ward have produced a great video

Hodinkee Chr. Ward reflections

I read this article as it was giving the Hodinkee team’s view on this limited edition watch from Christopher Ward.



C-9 db4 special edition
C-9 db4 special edition

The article gives the usual balanced assessment of the watch but then goes onto make some observations about the appropriate linking of limited edition watches to other prestige brands/products; in this case a very special Aston Martin. I think they have a point there does seem to mis-match between the the watch and the car.

There could also be another way of looking at the thoughts behind the watch. It could be that the people at Chr. Ward came across an opportunity to obtain material from this much admired car and came up with this way of using. I will have to get in touch and see if they can tell me what the truth is.

Christopher Ward C-8 UTC World Timer

This week saw the announcement of a great looking watch from Christopher Ward the C-8 UTC World timer.

C-8 UTC World Timer in Black
C-8 UTC World Timer in Black

Named after Universal Coordinated Time – a term preferred in aviation over ‘GMT’ – the C8 UTC Worldtimer offers the wearer near-unlimited timing possibilities. The watch takes its design cues from the rest of the C8 Flyer Collection, which references the Smith’s Mark II A clock used in Spitfires during World War II. All carry engravings of the historic aviation wind tunnels in Farnborough where the aerodynamics of British aircraft like the Spitfire and Concorde were honed. Perhaps the most striking feature of the timepiece is the two-piece dial, which features a crown-operated world timer bezel showing prominent international cities, meaning the wearer can immediately work out the time anywhere on Earth. For those looking to keep track of one timezone in particular, the 24-hour GMT hand will be an invaluable tool. The military feel is continued with the large Arabic numerals, raised indexes and ‘pipette’ hands, all of which are coated with Superluminova for visibility at low light. Meanwhile, the 44mm case is available in stainless steel or with a black DLC finish.Movement
This fine ETA calibre (‘calibre’ is the fancy word in the watch industry describing a movement) with dual-time functionality allows for the time to be told in two time zones simultaneously – hence its use on ‘GMT’ watches.

Competively priced at £950 these watches will be available from mid-October.

British Watchmaking on BBC !

On my return from my holiday today I had the pleasure to read an article on the BBC website discussing the revival of British watch making.

Union Flag

The article as you might expect was not very in-depth but it did give a welcome boost to the efforts being made by British watch brands. The reach off the BBC clearly puts Grinidgetime to shame so I hope it stimulates people to investigate further. I would have been great to see a few more brands mentioned.

The full article is  here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36902222





Chr. Ward C65 Mk1 Limited edition

If like me you preferred the look of the old Christopher Ward logo then all is not lost. This week saw the announcement of a limited edition of the C65 Mk1 featuring the old logo.

C65 Mk1 Limited Edition
C65 Mk1 Limited Edition

One hundred and seventy-five of these watches are available at £499

To see more you can visit https://www.christopherward.co.uk/watches/new-releases/c65-trident-mk-i-limited-edition


Christopher Ward – rebranding

This week Christopher Ward with the arrival of new versions of their revised C65 model, showed their new bolder logo on the watch faces.

Christopher Ward C65 with new branding

As you can see gone is the somewhat cryptic “Chr.Ward-London” in the traditional position in the centre of the upper half of the face. This has been replaced by “christopher ward” all lower case place very unusually on the left side. Here the name is much more evident. This bold position certainly demonstrates a new pride in the  name, less homage more their own watches.

Personally, I preferred the old design. I liked the old-world look of the Chr. abbreviation. It will be interesting to see what watch buyers think.

Christopher Ward – New C1000 Typhoon

Christopher Ward have announced a new version of there C-1000 chronograph.

A watch that celebrates the Typhoon Eurofighter combining both a remarkably strong yet light case of ceramic and titanium, with the ETA Valjoux 7750 movement.

The Cockpit Edition celebrates not only the plane but the remarkable pilots of the RAF who fly them. Taking design cues from the cockpit (particularly the yellow “warning” elements) the completely new look dial and hands suggest the instrumentation at the centre of the pilot’s fast moving world.


There will be three variants available, all at £995.

This my favourite of the three


You will find more information here

Unfortunately since I’ve moved to self hosting I have not worked out how to embed the greta video.

Christopher Ward C70 GP Chronometers


These fine watches  are a limited edition collection of four  COSC-certified chronometers, celebrates four of the earliest Grand Prix races from the pioneering years of motorsport.

This are really great looking watches for motor sport fans. I was a little disappointed to discover they have  quartz movements, I would have thought a mechanical one would have more appeal to petrol-heads.

Each watch is available either with these leather straps or a steel one or

More details here