George Daniels

George Daniels is probably the man responsible for me taking an interest in British watchmaking. He is the man who developed the Co-axial movement now heavily used by Omega. I discovered the other day a book he wrote “Watchmaking” which from description looks really interesting (http://www. I must get around to studying it when I find a moment. At that same website you can find his other books about his life. Happy reading. Here a couple of his watches displayed in the Zurich Watch Museum ; “coals to Newcastle” ImageImage

First Post ….

Well here I go into the deep end, fingers to keyboard my first post.

By happy coincidence the “launch” of my blog coincides with this year’s Basel watch fair. As luck would have it the brand that most represents the re-birth of British watchmaking, Bremont, used the occasion to launch a new watch, the “Codebreaker”.

The new limited edition watch is being launched in collaboration with the Bletchley Park Trust, with a percentage of the proceeds being used towards the restoration of Bletchley Park.

Inspired by aclassic 1940’s officers watch, thhe “Codebreaker” will be made with a flyback chronograph GMT (not Grinidge 🙂 ) automatic movement and will incorporate some relevant historical artefacts from Bletchley Park; pine from Hut 6 and paper from the few remaining punch cards. Part of the rotor of the watch will be made from the wheel of the original Enigma machine.

250 steel and 50 rose gold Codebreaker watches will be created.

For more details why not visit the Bremont website: