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Bespoke Watches



Britain has a long history and a worldwide reputation for bespoke luxury items. This fact has been acknowledged in a recent article in QP Magazine on bespoke watches. The article starts off with the usual raft of famous names but then goes on to give some coverage to Garrick and Struthers; well worth a read if you are looking for a special treat.

The QP article

Does Size Matter – watch size that is…

I recently ran across this interesting chart showing the “correct” case size for different size wrists.


Now you may or may not agree with the recommendations but it did make me think again about how long the current trend for 42mm and larger watches will last. This is pertinent to some of our British Brands that seem to favour the larger cases. I am thinking of the Schofield Signalman, Pinion Axis and Garrick range. Bremont do offer their Solo in 37mm but sort of as a female watch.

I wonder if case sizes will start to get to more practical sizes ? Is the announcement of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, at 36mm, the start of that trend ? Will British brands, other than Robert Loomes who has always had smaller watches, follow ? Fashion is often cyclical.

Sekford – Posh Quartz

One category that seems a little overcrowded  is that of classic styled quartz powered watches.

So when a new player pops up that gets people talking about I thought I would try and find out a little more. The brand is Sekford and from what I can see from the photos on their website the watches do look very well made.



Sekford is the brainchild of Kuchar Swara  of Port magazine, a beautiful biannual he co-founded and where he is still creative director. The inspiration for the watch came from the personal experience of trying to find a nice piece of watch design that did not require the same investment as a Patek Philippe or a Vacheron Constantin. Not finding anything, he decided to make a watch of his own.

For a quartz the watches are pricey, this one above costing €795. they can be bought on-line from their online store here.

Pinion Axis Pro Pure


Displaying Displaying Pinion Pro

The Axis Pro Pure collection from Pinion Watches is now complete, available in polished steel, marine bronze or DLC black this new non-limited run features a dial design with ‘professional’ styled applied batons, two-step bezel, anthracite sub seconds and radium or green luminova. Prices will start from £2,300 inc VAT .

If you get a chance try to get along to one of the Apex London meetings to see these great looking watches in the “metal”.

Pinion Watches – Apex London

On March 22nd I was fortunate enough to attend my second Apex evening. These are evenings are events hosted by Piers Berry, the founder of Pinion watches, for Pinion owners and watch enthusiasts for informal watch related discussions . They are held at the Century Club on Shaftsbury Avenue.

The exciting start to the evening was collector Stuart Kelly personally picking up his Revival 1969, reminding him of an important date. As you can see he is  very happy with his latest acquisition.


The evening then moved on to a more general chat about Pinion and Piers showed us the current range including two great black DLC versions of the Revival 1969 and the Axis Pure (below).

Black Pure

The Revival

Black Revival

As to future developments Piers clearly is a little guarded. Before writing anything here I have taken to the precaution of checking what has already been reported. The key point is that sensibly Piers wants to consolidate what he has, he is keen to emphasise the business is self-financed. Interestingly, he did repeat the possibility of a GMT model as he had mentioned in an interview in QP magazine last year so that would like it is happening even we do not have any indication of when.

One Pinion event that is worth looking out for latter in the year is the appearance of a Black Axis in the forthcoming film “Patient Zero”. Could be the “Bond Rolex Moment” for Pinion.

These are really thoroughly enjoyable evenings and so highly recommended.

Christopher Ward – New C1000 Typhoon

Christopher Ward have announced a new version of there C-1000 chronograph.

A watch that celebrates the Typhoon Eurofighter combining both a remarkably strong yet light case of ceramic and titanium, with the ETA Valjoux 7750 movement.

The Cockpit Edition celebrates not only the plane but the remarkable pilots of the RAF who fly them. Taking design cues from the cockpit (particularly the yellow “warning” elements) the completely new look dial and hands suggest the instrumentation at the centre of the pilot’s fast moving world.


There will be three variants available, all at £995.

This my favourite of the three


You will find more information here

Unfortunately since I’ve moved to self hosting I have not worked out how to embed the greta video.