Pinion Axis Pure

Well this is one that slipped below my radar, it appeared on Pinions July newsletter, just as I had switched myself into holiday mode. This is a very handsome looking watch. I hope to get to see one at Salon QP.

For the forthcoming Axis Pure watch, we’ve developed our own bespoke luminous colour for the dial and hands, which has been designed to emulate the radioactive painted dials from vintage clocks and instruments.The process of painting clock and watch dials with radioactive materials began at the turn of the 20th century. Because there was a need to see in the dark, the only solution to create a ‘glow’ was by using a mixture of radioactive materials and applying them by hand.

Unlike watches of today, which require a charge in the sunlight to make them glow, the radioactive dials would ‘burn’ constantly for years, until a point where they ran out of power. This and the time duration, resulted in the discolouring effect which you often see with vintage watches when viewed today.

The Axis Pure will be available this Autumn (Shipping October) in a limited run of 100 pieces:  Only 50 Polished steel and 50 brushed bronze watches will be produced.

The Axis will retail for £2,950 GBP Inc.VAT or $4,180 USD (based on exchange rates at time of going to press).

If you are interested in reserving one of these watches, please