Minster Watches – another brand tries the British route

This is a brand that I have just noticed and by the looks of their website (www.minster1949.com) they are fairly recent.


This is what they say about themselves:

The Minster1949 Watch brand has been producing fine British timepieces since 1949. Reborn with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, vintage inspired styling and a thoroughly British heritage, Minster1949 defines the new face of British made watches for the modern era.
Assembled in our workshops in Halifax, Minster1949 marks the rebirth of watch manufacture in Yorkshire. Our watches boast straps in collaboration with Barney and Taylor, an iconic leather manufacturing and design brand established in 1911. Truly British made for the modern British market.

Minster have opened again in Halifax regenerated the lost art of ‘British watch making’ Here at St Johns Church we have built state of art watch making facility within the heart of this 1886 romanesque church. Which harks to our fundamental belefifs of tradition & history mating with modern needs and requirements to ‘birth’ the new age of true British watches.

Our Designs have taken a while to reach final production. At minster we dont take our task lightly. Over the years we have researched into what is quintessentially British. We came across many ideas and possibilities, essentially : Class, Simplictiy, Elegance, Design,Quality, Functionality & Brutishly Strong. So when you see our watches in the shops and you wear one you will understand .

Lets see what becomes of them.