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George Daniels Millenium – Sold

Sorry to advise you a little late but today at Sotheby’s one of George Daniels watches came up for sale with an estimated price between £80.000 and £120.000.

George Daniels Millenium – photo Sothebys

George Daniels
• automatic nickel lever movement, slim Co-Axial escapement, mono-metallic free-sprung balance, gold guilloche rotor, the movement plate with eccentric outer rim engraved with foliate decoration • silvered engine-turned dial, eccentric yellow gold chapter ring for time display with Roman numerals, yellow gold date ring with Arabic numerals, silver cartouches on either side signed Daniels London, yellow gold Daniels hands • 18k white gold case, yellow gold winding crown positioned between 7 and 8 • case, dial and movement signed• case hallmarked for London 1999, maker’s mark GD and engraved AB99
diameter 37 mm
The watch sold for £187,500 (including buyer’s premium)
So if you have one you can sit comfortably in the knowledge they fetch good money !

Meerson Mutiny Chronograph


Meerson Chrono Mutiny

Alexandre Meerson has been drip, dripping hints about his latest watch for a couple of months – we now have a more complete picture. The limited edition,  Mutiny Chronograph.


Why Mutiny ? This is Alexandre’s explanation.

The name comes from the idea that this watch defies conventions and the status quo in modern watchmaking. The Mutiny Chrongraph expresses that:

  • Luxury does not need to carry an artificial “luxe” price
  • New is good – with the vast majority of luxury watches having been designed before 1977.. our industry has become a world of icons that only evolve very slowly every year
  • Luxury is personalisation – yes you can build your own watch and express your individual sense of style
  • Luxury is a relationship with the owner – Design is a collaboration between the creator, the owner and the artisan – by removing unnecessary intermediaries we build a direct relationship with our clients and believe in involving the owners in the design

The design of the Mutiny is simple,  balancing style and function in a timeless style. The wire lugs reminding you of the trench watches of the First World War.

Chronograph  watches lend themselves to personalisation, another key feature of the Mutiny. The  sub dials and counters,  the hands  offer  many opportunities for self expression.

Here are some of the extensive personalisation options offered:

  1. The Case:  polished steel, can be finished in different ways, as well as treated to a superb black shade. Special versions can be made to order in silver or even vermeil.
  2. The Dial: pick any colour, design a pattern or symbol. The chronograph sub-dials lend themselves beautifully to contrasts and patterns.
  3. The bespoke Straps: made to your exact measures: pick the leather or fabric you love, from our extensive selection or from your own wardrobe. Sign your style with matching or contrasted stitching.
  4. The Hands: they are subtle details, several colours are available, as further accents of your style.
  5. Engraving: each watch is individually numbered. Make your watch even more personal, by drawing a pattern on the case or designing a symbolic message in the case-back. Or keep it secret on the inside, as a locket.
  6. The travel pouch: personalise it to match the bespoke strap, and add the owners name or initials.

From a technical perspective, the Swiss precision mechanical movement delivers the heartbeat and playful soul of the watch. For this watch, Meerson needed a hard-working, robust movement. So they selected the Concepto manufacture to deliver the AM-0788 – a Swiss calibre of traditional heritage and design that has a superb reputation for accuracy and reliability.

It is based on a clone of what was the Valjoux movement and is now known as the 7750 ETA movement. The first Meerson Chronograph in the 1980s was powered by the Valjoux . It is a fabulous “workhorse” of a movement, wonderfully made by Concepto in its interpretation (calibre 99001). Alexander wanted to retain this spirit, but made by a refined manufacture, hence why they use it.

The last question that comes to mind is the origin of the name “Mutiny”. To this I received a more complicated explanation than I expected.

Meerson are taking orders for the Mutiny Chronograph through this secure website. The watch starts at £4,475 (£3,730 excluding UK VAT). A deposit of £500 will secure your order in the next manufacturing run, for worldwide delivery from October 2017.

I am really looking forward to seeing one of these in the metal.

The Watchmaker’s Apprentice

I had been meaning to watch this film every since it came out. Finally, prompted my a fellow watch lover I got round to watching it last night.

What you get from it are several things one a fascinating insight into the work of a watchmaker, which looks a lot tougher than you might romantically imagine. Then you get a clear idea of the personalities of the two men George Daniels and Roger Smith. I have never met George Daniels and the film confirmed the opinion I had always held that George Daniels is one of the most important figures in the history of horology. We also get to discover some of the other facets of the man’s personalty such as his passion for vintage cars and  perfectionism.

On the other hand I have briefly met Roger Smith who has always struck me as being a very pleasant and patient man. What the film showed very well also was his dedication and perfectionism. How many people would work on a project to help obtain an apprenticeship for seven years?

So as well as being of horological interest this film is very motivational, showing that to achieve greta things you need dedication, dedication and more dedication.

Christopher Ward Sale



If you are a Christopher Ward fan but not on their mailing list I thought you might appreciate me posting this news.

Spring is here, and Christopher Ward is clearing out old stock to make way for the new, saving you Half Price on a huge selection of dress, dive and aviation watches – but only until midnight, Easter Monday*.

Bremont Military Watches


Photo : Bremont

Two important parts of the British watch world are important for the starting of Grinidgetime – Bremont and Salon QP. Here they are together. An interesting article in Salon QP about Bremont’s military watch programme. Well worth a look :


George Daniels Watches for auction

Over the next couple of months not one but two George Daniels watches are being auctioned at Sothebys.

The first being a Millenium Watch that will be auctioned on April 25th.

Millenium 01c (photo Sothebys)

The second watch will be on sale on July 6th it is a gold tourbillon chronometer.

Daniels Tourbillion Chronometer (Image New York Times

George Daniels have consistently achieved amazingly high prices. Given the state of the watch market recently it will be interesting to see if this continues.